Tara Leif is a Shapeshifter, one apart of the very rare nomadic race of people known as "Vision Taunters", or "Viseur Taureir" in their native tongue. The Viseur Taureir are considered very rare because of their ability to imitate anything sentient and organic, and instantly, so long as they have made previous physical contact. Most shifting races can only shape-shift into a limited array of things, and only through weeks of training to acquire and perfect new forms.

Tara Leif is apart of a Trio known among the Slave Trades as "The Fickle" which includes Tara Leif, Fetcher Auls, and Szule. Tara first fell into the Slave Trade when she was just a teenager, and it was through the slave trades that she met Alex and Jinks. She since has developed a sort of fascination with Alex - if only because she admires his stubbornness and her ability to so easily fluster him through little tricks that don't always work on everyone else.

Despite having a life that seems heavily involved with the slave trade, Tara is something of an escape artist, never belonging to a master or a slave auctioneer for too long at all - though she always ends up back in a collar and shackles eventually. Whether this is coincidental or on purpose remains to be seen.

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