Sentinel Te is a rotten little shit. He's more Dwarf than Elf, in terms of personality - He adores the Dwarven culture, how brash and bold and free they seem to be, and if it was his choice he'd be reincarnated as one of them instead of a pissy prissy little elf. And I do mean little - Te is as short as most Elven pre-teens and has never heard the end of it. He wasn't always foul, but he developed into a nasty little shit simply to keep people away from him and to keep people from messing with him. After insulting the King, and dropping trousers to moon the king mid-parade, Te had his tongue cut out and was sentenced to a lifetime in the dungeon, excused only on the agreement that he work as a Sentinel. He was assigned to Yuen'a, and though he tried to make her fearful of him as well he soon discovered that Yuen'a does not feel fear. Or remorse. Or pity. Under those smiles, she is a statue. He respects and fears her for that and she is probably the only person he will listen to.

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