Sir Kenneth Boorwish of House Boorwish - "Ne Nos Et Nos Debemus : Nec Genu!" Which means "You will join us lest you kneel before us : We do not yield!" in which House Boorwish's crest is the head of a boar with a pair of mighty tusks.

Kenneth Boorwish is not only Commander of the Valesian army, but he is head of the Secret Royal Guard in charge of protecting the royal family. The Boorwish family has for several generations now been bred for this singular purpose, and now that Prince Dane is the only remaining royal Valesian and is in dire straits, his family duty is more pressed upon him than ever before.

Although he and Prince Dane do not often get along, as Prince Dane presses Commander Kenneth to become more friendly and casual with the royal family and Kenneth finds it difficult to shed a trait bred into him, the two have come to reconcile to some degree and regard each other not as equals, but not as greaters or lessers - at least as much as before.

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