OKAY SO BASICALLY this is an entirely OOC page dedicated to jotting down our brainstorming ideas and reviewing them later. Yes? Yes!

so i figured alexs people are split up into two groups.  They’re colloquially known as ‘northmen’ by basically anyone that is not them, but it’s not what they call themselves. There’s two major groups. The ones in the mountains who move with the seasons, and those in the valley who are little more settled.  In the spring they normally join together to gather around rivers/lakes where theres mountain/glacial run off.  There’s probably a festival of some sort.  I imagine that the ones from the mountains are darker skinned cuz bright bright sun so high up and probably have a different lung capacity/ability to take extreme temperatures.  In winter they probably  went on the other side of the mountain to some small settlement to avoid the worst of the mountains cold, but hunted higher up for mountain goat/musk ox etc.  If there’s an emergency and someone has to go to the otherside of the mountain (the reason they don’t stay with the valley peeps in winter is cuz space/respect/territory/clans/etc), its probably the stuff of legends to get over the mountain at all. or maybe they send eagles or gryphons to carry messages. that’d be badass.

If any of the northmen are still alive, its probably the mountain people. thats what Alex is, though since the two troops (tho they have clans amongst heir own partition of valley/mountain people) banded together during the war, seeing it as an affront to the both of them, the valley people were basically wipedo ut, where at least those who stayed behind in the mountains had a better chance to flee.

ffff yes. and the whole ickiness of breeding with something that’s basically an animal. <_< sounds good!!! :D i’ve neglected the wiki cuz I


It sounds so freakin’ cool ;w; And what that reminds me of is like, what if the mountain group are more closely descended from like, mountain giants and so that’s why they’re bigger and tougher as opposed to the valley group who basically had the ‘giant’ bred out of them? Because like Nessa’s straight up half-giant but like… forest giant. Who are more like trolls instead of giants but called giants because they’re big.


Like I imagine the original mountain giants were these huge, savage motherfuckers who could scoop up a cow and gnaw into it like a hamburger or a steak or something and then they inter-bred with travelers ON the mountain to make the mountain men. Mountain Giant + Man = Mountain Man. Sorta?

Like “haw haw they bred the intelligence into you but they can’t breed the savagery out of you haw /ignorant”


I will make a wiki page called ‘brain spew’ and we can pick and choose from it over time. HAHA.


SLAVERY used to be a lot more popular than it is now, and it used to be much more cruel. Basically it WAS a fact of life, not unlike using a fork to eat or putting your socks on before your shoes, and basically the cruelty of it came in the form of people looking at the slaves like animals, not people. So it was like if they got injured or they were performing poorly it was just easier to kill them off, period, instead of dealing with the issues.

WELL. One day, or night rather, this group opf slavers under a particularly cruel master form together and make a plan to escape. It involved taking the master’s daughters as captives, as ransom, and holding them until they got to the gate. Given the castle was on a small island connected to the mainland by a large bridge, it was pretty much impossible to escape otherwise.

Once they got there, though, the master just straight up gave the kill order, risking his daughters int he process. He didn’t lose his daughters because of his highly trained sharp-shooters, and most of the slaves either dies to the hail of arrows or they jumped over into the water and perished upon the rocks.

BUT. A few of them survived. Like… a handful, five maybe, hit the water instead of the rocks and swam to the mainland where they were very close to death all the same. They crawled up the beach and into the forest and wandered for a long while, either for a place to die or for help and that’s when they stumbled upon this sanctuary, almost-- an altar sitting in the middle of the woods, a giant stone altar with roughly four or five symbols carved into it. They were animal heads, the men and women later came to discover, and this was one of the forest altars built by a congregation of dryads, fauns, and other nature-based creatures in order to honor the forest. (To find one today would be

haha sorry had to go run and do something ffff

today would be like, extremely rare.) AND essentially all five men/women died at the altar. Either from starvation, or weariness, or weakness, or sickness, or hypothermia from the sea-- something else maybe. But as you know, if someone dies with a strong enough want/will in their heart weird things happen, right? Well, with all five men having died with such a strong want for revenge, for freedom in their hearts and souls, the animal spirits in the altar combined with their “living” and rage-filled spirits, creating new beings with the memories and drive of the men, but not their identities.

The five sigils were thus: Wolf, Owl, Lynx, Raven, Snake, (Hare.)

Essentially, the new vassals were men with the heads of their sigil animal. At first it would be the heads, and then as time went on, the more followers they had the more of them would become ‘animal’ until finally they would be whole beasts with the intelligence of men, possibly with the ability to assume a ‘bipedal form’ at will. They’d never be men again, of course, until they were killed and their spirits unbound.

The Wolf stood for the power and anger of the group. He was very aggressive, more willing to kill and torture than any of them in the name of revenge.

The Owl stood as the wisdom of the group. She was often paired with the Wolf to try to give reason and limitations to his well-earned thirst for revenge. She was not as kind as the Hare, but rather “tolerant”.

The Lynx was the second-most intelligent of the group, using her intelligence to gear up for the hunt. Hunting was what she did best, and she could track down, hunt down, and catch almost anyone and anything. Also very angry, but docile enough to know when to unleash that anger and when to hold it.

The Raven was the most intelligent of the group, and he stood for “indifference in the interest of finding an alternative means of ending the plague of slavery.” Essentially, he didn’t believe that killing them (the slavers, masters) all was the answer to ending slavery, but rather getting into a position where there would be no need for slavery or, getting into such a high position of power that slavery could be abolished without question - through the use of intelligence instead of violence.

The Snake was the most treacherous of the group. His goals were the same as the others, to end slavery, to get revenge, but he’d be willing to backstab his own followers to achieve that, whether by means of throwing them into slavery just to lure out a slaver (not guaranteeing the followers would make it out alive, themselves) or making bargains with one slaver to get many more slavers. (If you spare my life I’ll give you all these dudes” “ok”)

Then there was the Hare. She was never apart of the five who died at the altar, but still she incarnated herself into a physical form (previously just a spirit of the forest) in order to watch over them, to guide them. She does not possess the same spirit and thirst for revenge as they do, but she very much understands their plight and wants to help them end Slavery. She is the kindness and understanding of the group, as much willing to spare the slavers as the slaves. She’d rather nobody died at all but slavery ended anyway, if possible.

AND essentially the idea is that these vassals ARE alive and well, but to meet them is an incredibly rare occurrance as they keep themselves very well hidden, even while passing out orders to their followers. Each vassal has their own followers, marked by that follower wearing the ‘head’ (usually fashioned out of pelts and such) of that vassal’s head. By following the vassal you gain a boon of some sort, after you pledge (some sort of blood pledge, literally condemning you if you become a slaver or participate in slavery in any way except abolishing it) and because everyone wears these heads it’s virtually impossible to tell if you’re talking to your vassal or another follower until they go to remove the head (because you are also given a spell so that when casted your ‘fake head’ becomes a real, moving head like you actually have a wolf head or something like that) and their goal, at the core, is to end slavery, or the cruel and non-consentual service of one humanoid being under another. Animals too, if the animal is shown to possess humanoid-like intelligence or even if it’s just a plain animal who is just downright being mistreated.

Only if the party has agreed to work under x person and they can leave at any time is it okay with the group, basically.

THAT came out a lot longer than I thought it would e_e

OK SO MY THOUGHTS ON THE ANTI SLAVE GROUP Which needs a better name than that but I digress;

I think when the original slaves get to the altar, its probably like. They were all going to die anyway, most greviously injured from falling into the water and/or hypothermia. So the spirits maybe cut them a deal, sensing their distress.  They would lift the chains of slavery in the whole world, and would give them a rest from their mortal bodies, take the pain and hunger away...but only if they could use their bodies as mediums.

So the spirits took up their bodies, the only thing changing being their heads.  I think the whole changing into beasts doesn’t totally work, only because if they’e going to have followers, its almost more ominous that they speak with these animal headed humans that only show up once in a while than innocuous looking animals/beasts.

I think the Wolf should be aggressive, yeah, but mor in the sense of protecting their cause/family of spirits.  Wolves are more associated with family outside of European mythology, so I think it works nicer while still keeping your idea.  I think Wolf would be female, as a ‘motherly’ caregiver in that sense, all while being ferocious when anyone is attacked.  Owl would be male, and can be wisdom, but they are associated as messengers of death in a lot of places, too, so I think he would be not death in an ominous literal sense, but more understanding of when to put something out of its misery, explaining that death is just another step to life and nothing to be afraid of, and runs opposite to Wolfs need to keep everyone alive.  Owl isn’t mean about it, or wants anyone to die, but understands it whereas I think Wolf would be more paranoid about death, about any of them dying or any of their followers dying or getting hurt.  Owl was probably the one to carry the spirits of the slaves to a resting spot (though I think they’re in some weird space between life and death, so they can only move on when their bodies are released from use by the spirits - though they’re not in pain in this realm, so its like a rest stop)

Hare I like, too, though I think she’s a touch neutral in that way of not wanting even thes lavers to die. That kinda runs with hare/rabbit being a trickster in a lot of cultures, so being more the indifferent party on some things. Devils advocate which can be frustrating as hell for eveeryone else lol So Neutral Good, whereas Raven might be Chaotic Neutral sorta thing.

I like snake and lynx a lot too. Though somehow giving them a yin and yang effect with the others to omight be good but idk how right now haha.

And yessss I like how the followers work.  I can see some corruption on their part sometimes cuz humans are full of folly like that. And yesss good good stuff.

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